Aircraft Fueling Station

Aircraft Fueling in Pueblo Memorial Airport

AVFuel Quick-Turn Refueling Station

Flower Aviation carries top-quality AVFuel® branded Jet-A fuel as well as 100LL fuel.

The fuel trucks, pumping equipment, fuel inventory, and storage facilities are carefully maintained and regularly inspected to comply with the latest, most stringent Air Transport Association (ATA) Spec 103 safe fuel storage and distribution standards for airports.

Flower Aviation is known for its 10 minute-quick-spin, with competitive fuel prices that match any FBO nationwide.

Flower Aviation also provides many options for purchasing Jet-A and 100LL fuel. As you can see below, we accept both contract fuel programs, fuel discount progams, as well as credit card purchase.

Lee Yearick, Director of Fueling
Fast Fueling Turn Around

Contract Fuel Programs

AVFuel Aircraft Fueling in Pueblo Memorial Airport

Avfuel Fuel Program

Avfuel recognizes that aviators and operators desire advantageous solutions to streamline fuel purchasing and reward loyalty. Avfuel’s cards are recognized throughout a global network of locations and offer numerous benefits. Cardholders never pay annual fees or transaction fees, and all accounts can be managed easily online. Invoices and statements are simplified for efficient record-keeping.
The Avfuel Pro card can be used for Avfuel Contract Fuel, retail fuel, or non-fuel flight expenses (no fuel purchase required) anywhere within the Avfuel Network.

UVair Aircraft Fueling in Pueblo Memorial Airport

UVair® Fuel Program

You have many options when purchasing Jet-A. The real challenge is finding a contract fuel program that fits your operation’s specific needs. With the UVair® Fuel Program from Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc., you get a total Jet-A solution, no matter your aircraft’s size. They offer all-inclusive discount fuel pricing with no hidden fees, no annual fees and VAT-compliance and exemption support.

Colt Aircraft Fueling in Pueblo Memorial Airport

World Fuel | Everest | Colt Fuel Program

World Fuel | Colt has unparalleled global strength in supply and dispatch. As a division of World Fuel Services , we can leverage the best possible price, no matter where you travel. We partner directly with oil companies, FBOs and major suppliers. This vast international supply network has been carefully crafted and provides clients exclusive access to preferential pricing at each location.

Fuel Discount Programs

Credit Cards
Flower Aviation accepts most major credit cards and you can combine your credit card payment with the Fuel Discount Programs from around the globe.

Pay Fueling with Credit Cards in Pueblo Memorial Airport
C.A.A. Fuel Discount Program in Pueblo Memorial Airport

C.A.A. Fuel Discount Program

C.A.A. Fuel Discount Program's increases the operating efficiencies of their members by combining their purchasing power and working with highly respected vendors of services and products that we all use. If you feel that this is an organization worthy of your interest, please join today for the Free 6 Month Trial Membership.

CJP Fuel Discount Program in Pueblo Memorial Airport

CJP Fuel Discount Program

CJP FuelAdvantage was created by a group of turbine powered aircraft operators who operate their aircraft in a safe, professional and efficient manner. The commitment of this program is to reduce the single largest expense associated with operating turbine powered aircraft - fuel, while increasing the volume of Jet A fuel flowage for the exclusive CJP FuelAdvantage partner FBO.

Military Fuel Programs

Flower Aviation has contracted to be a provider of aviation fuel (DESC Contract) for the U.S. Federal Government.

Flower Aviation provides contracted Into-Plane fueling to Military aircraft, as well as aircraft of Federal agencies and certain other non-Federal program participants.

Flower Aviation is proudly serving the Military Aircraft nationwide.

Colt Aircraft Fueling in Pueblo Memorial Airport

What Our Customers Say

Arthur Wolk, Eclipse Jet 229EA
I have been a twice monthly customer since they opened. Everyone is welcoming, kind to my dog and me and expedite refueling, always charging a fair price. I go out of my way to stop there because I know the experience will make my trip more enjoyable.

Pete Zaitcev
I came on Sunday and was a little concerned in view of previous comments, but Flower worked until 8 p.M. They sold me 7 gallons of 100LL and I detected no ill disposition even though next Citation bought 400 gallons of Jet-A.

Chuck Ivester
Every now and then you come across a gem. RMF is one. Several fuel stops over the last few weeks, and wow. Good fuel prices, excellent line service and the free drinks, cookies, ice cream and treats were a smash with the kids. Thanks.